Dionne Mok

Dionne is an interaction designer who graduated from the Emily Carr University of Art and Design. She moved from Hong Kong at the age of 12; being a Chinese Canadian, she is fascinated with various cultures. Her passion as a designer comes from a life-long obsession with experiencing various art, culture, technology, and interdisciplinary design. For her, it is a true joy to find designs in different cultures and the foundational values behind them. She thrives on discovering new perspectives with her own eyes and translating them to design. To grow as a designer/artist, she valued exploration, collaboration, and learnings from others.

Year of the Tiger


Tigers come in different shapes and sizes, sporting different patterns and coats. As humans, we also have our differences, from language to culture to experiences. Despite these differences, our similarities bring us together—just like the cats in the tiger family!

Our 2022 LunarFest Year of the Tiger wallpaper is FREE to download now. Available in four colours, three sizes, you can also get it with the 2022 calendar!

As the Year of the Tiger approaches, we will follow the tigers’ paw prints into a brave and prosperous 2022!

Year of the Tiger Video

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