02 Mei-Lien Khan

Mei-Lien Khan

The development of Indonesian batik extends beyond traditional forms. During the Dutch colonial period, the Dutch brought back Indonesian batik to Europe. It was considered a luxury item. It subsequently spread throughout Europe and other regions as a fashionable and artistic craft. However, Indonesian batik has always retained its indigenous characteristic, and in recent times has seen a rise in value.

Mei-Lien Kuan is a passionate artisan in the field of batik art. Growing up in a family involved in fabric trading and production in Indonesia, she developed a deep affinity for batik clothing from a young age. Despite a pause in the family’s clothing business, with the support of her family in Taiwan, she continues to engage in her beloved batik art during her spare time.

Mei-Lien Kuan has an intricate understanding of fabrics, and knowledge of batik patterns that vary based on the folk styles of different regions in Indonesia. She particularly adores batik from the Jakarta region because of its vibrant colours and lively style, which aligns with her own personality.

Mei-Lien Kuan once traveled to East Java, Indonesia, with her daughter Yu Zhen Liu, to study with professionals and learn more in-depth knowledge and techniques of batik. In her creations, she integrates symbols from Taiwanese culture, attempting to showcase the fusion and transformation between Taiwanese and Indonesian cultures. Such creative exploration imbues her batik works with a unique style and charm.


  • Indonesian batik interacting with Taiwan’s diverse cultures
  • Second-generation immigrants with both Taiwanese and Indonesian cultural backgrounds use crafts to depict contemporary lifestyles
  • Cultural and artistic dialogue through collaboration with Indonesian-Canadian designers

Mei-Lien Kuan is an enthusiast of traditional Indonesian batik. She creatively integrates Taiwanese culture into her batik artworks. This cross-cultural fusion not only makes her batik creations captivating, but also showcases the mutual respect and inclusivity between cultures. Her creations transcend personal artistry to become a platform for cross-cultural exchanges. By connecting Indonesian and Taiwanese elements, it fosters greater understanding, communication, and appreciation of different cultures, promoting a society that values and embraces diversity. This resonates with the Indonesian-Canadian community’s sense of unity, showcasing the new face of cultures blending together.

This fusion influences both art and social aesthetics. Through such exchanges, we learn to respect, embrace, and appreciate one another, building a harmonious social atmosphere and advancing the development of cultural exchange. Mei-Lien Kuan’s achievements in batik art illustrate the integration of traditional craftsmanship and Taiwanese culture, bringing profound meaning and value to our diverse society.