Pacake Taugadhu

Pacake Taugadhu, an artist from the Rukai tribe of Taiwan, tells the stories of his people and culture through his art. More than just sharing these stories, he wants to tell immersive stories that are not only meaningful but critical. Inspired by the emotions of the ancestors, the mountains and forests, the tribes and people, Pacake Taugadhu’s works remind us about the beauty in the natural world we live in.

“Lrikulau” Children's Book

“Lrikulau” is the name of the Formosan Clouded Leopard in the Rukai language, and also the title of Pacake Taugadhu’s picture book. Lrikulau is a sacred animal to the Rukai people because long ago, the leopard led their ancestors to the wonderful land of their original tribal territory. 

Through vibrant paintings and three languages (English, Chinese, and the Indigenous language of the Rukai), children everywhere can learn about the Rukai culture and the story of the leopard which has disappeared. 

Let’s learn how to protect the forest together—one day, the Lrikulau will return!

Little Friends of the Forest

“Little Friends of the Forest” is a collection of animal figurines. 

For Pacake Taugadhu, he found safety in the black and white of a pencil on paper. A self-taught artist, the pencil allowed him to tell stories, drawing his own path despite his colour-blindness. These forest friends wield their drawing pencils with a sense of playfulness and innocence from our own childhoods, when we scribbled freely and enjoyed the simplicity of life. 

Take these little friends home with you—and never be lonely as you work! With their unique personalities and cute design, you’ll surely find the inspiration you need.

* “Little Friends of the Forest” can be purchased separately or as a set.


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