03 Thi Tuyệt Nguyễn

Thi Tuyệt Nguyễn

Despite French colonial rule, Vietnamese quilling art and its long-standing traditional cultural significance was preserved. While resisting foreign influences, the Vietnamese quilling artists at that time insisted on the inheritance of traditional skills. They use these quilling art paintings to express Vietnam’s history, religion, and daily life, and incorporate Buddhist elements and other local cultural characteristics into their works. Such persistence has allowed the art of Vietnamese quilling art to continue to spread and maintain its uniqueness during the colonial period.

When this traditional art was brought to Taiwan with Thi Tuyệt Nguyễn, it underwent some changes. In a new living and cultural environment, she searched for a sense of identity in a foreign land. And so, the cultural exchange through quilling art began. Thi Tuyệt Nguyễn, as a craftsman, incorporates local elements and themes into her work to show her cross-cultural identity and life experience. At the same time, she actively participates in the cultural activities of the Taiwanese community, memorializing the emotional interactions between community neighbours through quilling art. Thi Tuyệt Nguyễn also gives back to Taiwanese society through her work of assisting the immigration agency with translation and communication.

These actions make her quilling art more diverse and inclusive, while reflecting her efforts to seek symbiosis and co-prosperity in the new environment. Her efforts not only enrich Taiwan’s cultural diversity, but also demonstrate the adaptability and vitality of the craft. Thi Tuyệt Nguyễn’s personal experience and works have become a vivid example of the important role that art plays in cultural exchange and social change.

Quilling Art

  • Coexistence of Vietnamese Traditional Crafts and Taiwanese Culture
  • The Social Contributions of New Immigrants to Their Host Countries
  • Vietnamese second-generation immigrants in Taiwan and Vietnamese-Canadians share connections with their homeland and host countries 

Thi Tuyệt Nguyễn is a passionate craftswoman who embarked on a journey of cross-cultural integration with traditional quilling art in Taiwan. In her new life and cultural environment, she beautifully bridges quilling art with Taiwanese culture, fostering a wonderful exchange of art and expressing her cross-cultural identity. Thi Tuyệt Nguyễn demonstrates a curious and keen eye for local elements and themes, skillfully incorporating them into her quilling artworks. Her works can resonate with the historical memories of Vietnamese immigrants in Canada, highlighting the emotional connection of a shared mother culture.

Thi Tuyệt Nguyễn actively participates in cultural activities within the Taiwanese community, using quilling art to lead emotional interactions. Her work and dedication enhances the vibrancy of the local community. Her involvement in translation and communication assistance at the immigration agency also makes her a social aesthetic practitioner. This seamless combination perfectly showcases the fusion of traditional craftsmanship and social aesthetics, promoting new artistic vitality and cultural brilliance into Taiwan. Thi Tuyệt Nguyễn’s passion and creativity enriches the diversity and inclusivity of traditional crafts and also inspires people’s pursuit of beauty and cultural heritage. Her efforts drive a new wave of social aesthetics, allowing people to find inner tranquility in the shifting ocean of art and culture.