Toy Su

Toy Su

His signature shape is the triangle, and going to space and soaring through the stars is one of his “Mission Impossible”goals.

An eccentric, handsome, shy, fun-loving, and pragmatic visual designer who cares for small animals, and loves breakfast stalls in Taiwan… This is his everyday routine,  and also the “role” that he strives to play. Connecting to Canada through an internship opportunity, everytime he comes to Canada, the challenges get harder and more challenging!

He was born in Taiwan, however his challenges in life only accumulated in Canada, and each one of them are unforgettable. This sense of accomplishment and involvement gives him a greater source of storytelling and creativity than other creators, and he hopes to influence more people who share the same passion and to make interesting things have a deeper meaning.

Taiwan You Have My Back

Recognize any of these creatures?  If you do, you must be a true fan of the festival and Taiwan.  Like these unique animal species in Taiwan, you can show your special support for Taiwan.

Artwork-Animal Taiwan you have my back

Animals Version

Zodiac Patter

The custom of pasting rice paper on walls went as far back as the Qin dynasty; smoother linen fibres later replaced rice so that painting and printing on paper became easier.  By the 12th Century, the skill of papermaking had spread to the West through the Silk Route.  In 2020, Lunar New Year is about to start a new cycle for the zodiac signs with the Year of the Rat.  While most people are familiar with the 12 animal signs, artist Kuan-Chih Su of Taiwan created his own wallpaper with inspiration from the history of the wallpapers, and with elements from each of the 12 animals.  Paper Fantasy will be displayed as a backdrop on the Lunar Stage. Can you find all the elements of the 12 zodiac animals?


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We Are Canadians Too!

Summer may be over, but the year has not ended on Canada 150!

As Canada wraps up the year-long 150 festivities, take a minute to focus on the diversity that is our strength.

Join us in downtown Vancouver as we celebrate what we love about Canada with a visualization of our diversity.  Whether your family has been here for generations or you’re a recent immigrant, there’s something in Canada to inspire everyone.

As we reflect on a full year of festivities, discover what’s inspired the first generation and the newest Canadians in a celebration to complement our traditions and leave an inclusive and innovative legacy!

Artwork-We Are Canadians Too

Père Tanguy - Vincent van Gogh

In the early days, chiyo-e paper was used purely for packaging. In the 19th century, when chiyo-e was wrapped around ukiyo-e artworks and sent to Europe for exhibitions, it took the Western world by storm. Chiyo-e and ukiyo-e patterns appear in Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh’s work, Portrait of Père Tanguy, allowing us to see the way art traverses through culture and creates connections from all corners of the world.

Artwork-Pere Tanguy

Kanatal - peace

Beads, shells, totems, the whale and the hundred-pace snake; all of these symbols coexist, displaying the band’s diversity and adaptability. They flow through different histories, traditions, and languages as they tell their story. Through music and culture, KANATAL follows the ocean current to connect with the world. 

Artwork - Kanatal Peace

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