Artist Dionne Mok

Dionne Mok Dionne is an interaction designer who graduated from the Emily Carr University of Art and Design. She moved from Hong Kong at the age of 12; being a Chinese Canadian, she is fascinated with various cultures. Her passion as a designer comes from a life-long obsession with experiencing...

Artist Pacake Taugadhu

Pacake Taugadhu Pacake Taugadhu, an artist from the Rukai tribe of Taiwan, tells the stories of his people and culture through his art. More than just sharing these stories, he wants to tell immersive stories that are not only meaningful but critical. Inspired by the emotions of the ancestors, the...

Artist Jessica Sung

Jessica Sung Through cultural understanding, one can continuously develop their own artistic vision.The vision determines the sincerity of the work, and the story reflects the depth of the culture.This is the lifestyle she gave herself as an artist. It is genuine, and opens the door for cultures to appreciate each...

Artist Toy Su

His signature shape is the triangle, and going to space and soaring through the stars is one of his “Mission Impossible”goals.

Artist Yen-Chun Lu

A professional paper artist, known for her simplified but sophisticated and creative crafts. She recently curated the exhibition to showcase the profound bond between the local farmers in Taiwan and the land itself

Artist Chin-Wen Cheng

Chin-Wen believes that drawing is a way of life in which he can earn a living while also enjoying it. It is also his medium to raise the public’s awareness of important issues.