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Founded in March 2004, Asian-Canadian Special Events Association continues to create sustainable projects in art and culture, working with partners across British Columbia, Canada, and internationally. The Luv2Think store provides advances and shares the exclusive collection featuring artists that have collaborated with TAIWANfest in the past, with proceeds going to the festival.

Our mission of the Luv2Think store enhances art-enthusiast, appreciation, and enjoyment of the arts by providing unique, high-quality merchandise and books that reflect the key assets of the art and culture as a whole.

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Where can you find us?

Where can you find us ?

You can find our onsite shop tent during TAIWANfest and 24/7 online through https://store.acsea.ca


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Luv2Think Store provides a wide range of merchandise from home decor, T-shirts, bags, books, and games. Shops with your favorite merchants and added to your cart. The items you purchase will be shipped directly to you.

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A gift for you
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Your purchase will be used as the funds for the future TAIWANfest, and Lunar Fest events. Your support is the driving force for us to continue to produce more exciting and rich cultural and artistic programs!

Your Purchase Supports the Futrue Programs/ Events of ACSEA

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