Artists are often commissioned to realize their ideas at events by Asian-Canadian Special Events Association. If you have seen our festival volunteers walk around with their proud t-shirts, here is an opportunity to get your own—and if you’re not a fan of t-shirts, don’t worry, we now have hoodies and sweatshirts, too! 

Many people have commented on the exquisite artwork of “Cultures Fermented” by Taiwanese artist Chin-wen Cheng, and owning a commemorative t-shirt could be the start of your collection of this rising artist’s works. During the pandemic, Lady Hao Hao created a series of “Behind the Mask” artworks to help us reflect on the pandemic’s effect on our society. Of course, TAIWANfest is always about advocating for Taiwan; join the movement with our collection of tops with inspiring messages. Feel free to wear it during your travels and spread the word. You can also put on a cute “Perfect and Beautiful” t-shirt and make lots of friends.