Leaf Earrings


Artwork designed by 

Huei-Mei Chen

Chienhua (flower wrapping) is a traditional handicraft in Taiwan. It combines techniques of paper-cutting, winding, and embroidery. Depending on the region, it is called “Chunzai Flower”, “Tangled Flower”, and “Jihua”. The variation reflects Taiwan’s diversity.

Wrapped flowers are generally used on auspicious occasions, especially in weddings, as blessings. This kind of traditional handicraft not only shows people’s yearning for a better life, but also highlights Taiwan’s distinctive folk crafts and rich cultural heritage. In Canadian Indigenous culture, sweetgrass is braided, which also contains the meaning of blessing and spiritual healing.

Huei-Mei Chen integrates culture into her creations, giving this art a more profound meaning. Traditional etiquette, family affection, and festivities are presented in the meticulous work. Wrapped flowers represent the fusion of Taiwanese aesthetics and the value of culture. This handmade craft links the past and the present. It’s easy to see why it must be passed on!

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