Little Friends of the Forest – Animal Figurines


Artwork designed by 

Pacake Taugadhu

“Little Friends of the Forest” is a collection of animal figurines. 

For Pacake Taugadhu, he found safety in the black and white of a pencil on paper. A self-taught artist, the pencil allowed him to tell stories, drawing his own path despite his colour-blindness. These forest friends wield their drawing pencils with a sense of playfulness and innocence from our own childhoods, when we scribbled freely and enjoyed the simplicity of life. 

Take these little friends home with you—and never be lonely as you work! With their unique personalities and cute design, you’ll surely find the inspiration you need.

* “Little Friends of the Forest” can be purchased separately or as a set.


Clouded Leopard: My ears are itching—someone is thinking of me!
Boar: Weird… where did my pencil go?
Pig: I’ll find more inspiration when I put the pen on my nose~
Hundred Pacer Snake: I ask the world, how does one write a love letter?
Owl: Zzz…
Flying Squirrel: When writing, you must have good posture and hold onto the paper! 

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