Lrikulau Children’s Book & Little Friends Figurine Set


Artwork designed by 

Pacake Taugadhu

An Indigenous artist of the Rukai tribe in Taiwan, Pacake Taugadhu’s works feature the animals that live in the mountains and forests of where he grew up. With fun and bright designs to catch a child’s eye, he hopes his art not only brings joy but also sparks the spirit of conservation in everyone.

The Clouded Leopard, or ‘Lrikulau’ in the Rukai language, is a sacred animal to the tribe because long ago, the leopard led their ancestors to the village of Kucapungane. In Pacake Taugadhu’s picture book of the same name, the Clouded Leopard’s story as well as his people’s culture is told in three languages (English, Chinese, and the Indigenous language of the Rukai).

Six animals are part of the “Little Friends of the Forest” figurines collection. Pacake Taugadhu’s favourite drawing utensil is the pencil. He hopes that these forest friends, wielding their drawing pencils with a sense of playfulness, will inspire people to create, too.

A perfectly thoughtful and artsy gift set for everyone of all ages!

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