Treasure Box Lanterns – Pack of 10

Artwork designed by 

Yen-Chun Lu

The Treasure Box fits into the palm of your hand, yet encompasses a whole world.

Inside the box, we find two big cats. At the foot of the mountain, the leopard cat of Taiwan makes a home out of the wilder edges of agricultural farmland. On the top of the mountain, deep within the woods, the lynx from Canada sits, a guardian of the forest. Both these cats are part of the tiger family, both important to a balanced ecosystem. Both are becoming or already endangered species. 

These two big cats live inside our Treasure Box, a visual reminder of what we should treasure. In the Year of the Tiger, we present you the Treasure Box Lantern, and encourage you to cherish these cats with us, together! 


Treasure Box Lantern Folding Video:

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