T-shirts are a great way to express yourself. Artists are often commissioned to realize their ideas at events by Asian-Canadian Special Events Association. During the pandemic, Lady Hao Hao created a series of “Behind the Mask” artworks which help us reflect on the pandemic’s effect on our society.  For many people who have seen the festival’s volunteers walk around with their proud t-shirts, here is an opportunity to get your own. Many people have commented on the exquisite artwork of “Cultures Fermented” by Taiwanese artist Ching-wen Cheng, and owning a commemorative t-shirt could be the start of your collection of works by this rising artist. Of course, TAIWANfest is always about advocating for Taiwan; join the movement with provoking t-shirts. Feel free to wear it during your travels and let the message spread. And feel free to put on a very friendly “Perfect and Beautiful” t-shirt and make lots of friends.